.1 Intro  
2. With Arms Wide Open Listen
3. Taking a Chance On Love Listen
4. Sweet Simple Love Listen
5. I Want More Listen
6. Telephone Songs  
7. The Gentleman Is a Dope  
8. You Don't Know What Love Is Listen
9. Something to Live For Listen
10. Spinning Whee Listen
11. Damn Your Eyes  
12 Walk a Mile in My Shoes  
13 Is You Is Listen
14 Hello Young Lovers Listen
15 More  
16 Forever Young Listen


She is a no nonsense singer that sings with the power of an erupting volcano and the sincerity of a street-wise earth mother that's been there, done that. Her Alto voice grabs each note and doesn't let go until she's sure that you've listened to her, damnit!...When she sings, I Want More, you better get it for her, no matter what it is that she wants more of.
Willian Gregory, Midwest Ursine